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Introducing FAIRWAY Fair Employment monitoring and reporting software.

FAIRWAY software combines all your monitoring requirements for Fair Employment with a useful Human Resources system, removing the need for days of calculations and checking when you reach your return date.

FAIRWAY will produce all the figures you need for the Fair Employment Monitoring Return in the same layout as the form.

FAIRWAY will also produce reports required for the Article 55 report.

FAIRWAY runs on all Windows and Windows NT systems and comes with full installation, training and on-going support.

FAIRWAY will be continuously updated to cater for future legislative changes.

Employment Monitoring

Produces all reports required for yearly Monitoring Returns

11 Employees and above -
Applicant Register
Record vacancy details
Record applications
Track application results
Appointees Register
Record date of appointment
Record Standard Occupational Classifications
Employees Register
Produce disclosure forms
Update gender
Community background
Part time/full time

251 employees and above -
Promotees Register
Record promotion date
Standard Occupational Classification
Leavers Register
Record date left
Reason for leaving

Introducing FAIRWAY Fair Employment monitoring and reporting software, software combines all your monitoring

System 2007 extended ...

System 2007 has been extended to facilitate on-line application to the Farm Modernisation Programme.